Frequently asked questions
What is India Renewables dashboard?
India Renewables dashboard is a joint effort by Central Electricity Authority’s Renewable Energy Monitoring (RPM) division and CEEW Centre for Energy Finance that tracks and monitors daily renewable energy data. The project has been funded by Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation.
What’s the scope of data coverage?
Currently daily renewable energy (solar, wind, biopower, etc.) generation data is being covered at state, region and national level. In addition, generation and capacity utilisation metrics are also being tracked for Inter State Generating Stations (ISGS) on a daily basis. A project tracker will also be launched soon which shall cover all the operational and upcoming renewable energy projects in India. The tracker shall cover with key techno-commercial data such as location, capacity, tariff, off-taker, etc.
What’s an Inter State Generating Station (ISGS)?
An Inter State Generating Station (ISGS) is a renewable project connected to the central transmission unit that may supply electricity to multiple states or distribution companies. The dashboard aggregates RE generation as well as installed capacity of ISGS projects and state projects for every state and region.
Which reports can be downloaded?
Currently there are broadly two reports:
• Daily report: Entails technology-wise daily RE generation data for all states/regions in India as well as for Inter State Generating Stations (ISGS).
• Monthly report: Entails technology-wise monthly RE generation data for all states/regions in India as well as for Inter State Generating Stations (ISGS) and Central Power Sector Units (CPSU) projects.
Is the data downloadable?
The dashboard covers key dynamic charts such as daily generation, monthly generation, its technology share, installed capacity, capacity utilisation of ISGS projects and monthly generation comparison. Data may be downloaded for a user-defined date range in formats that include xls, csv, pdf, png, jpeg and svg.
What is the utility of master filter across India, regions and states?
The master filter allows a user to view various data/insights at a holistic (India) level as well as granular (state) level. Comparison of key figures across states may be found in the reports tab.
What is the emissions factor being used for calculating CO2 daily emissions mitigated?
Weighted average emissions factor of 0.83 CO2/kWh is being used for calculating daily CO2 emissions being mitigated.
What are the key numbers in the “report” panel of daily and monthly generation charts?
The report panel of daily and monthly generation charts capture the cumulative figures for applied date range filter by the user. For example, RE generation figure is sum of RE units generated for all the days between including start and end date.